Who do my Brainstorm Workshops reach out to? Every professional working in communication. Everybody planning to promote a brand, a product, a service, an idea or a message. Entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers, marketing staff, public relations and human resources.

Where & when do my Workshops take place? For dates and schedules please see below. To stay in touch subscribe to my newsletter or contact me on XING. For an individual In-House Workshop enquiry please go to contact .


Go Viral! Share your Story around the digital campfires of  Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.

Finding Ideas

Jump Start for a perfect briefing. Utilize your own capabilities towards creating a company presentation film.

DIY Video Content

Do it Yourself. Film it Yourself. Happy times for the budget and your social media channels. fresh content & always up to date!


The Employee film – an organisational and staff developing action with a presentable result: „And Action!“

„The perfect blend - A confident leadership of the seminar, which is fed by personality, years of experience as a producer, theoretically derived and didactically well delivered methods, presented in an inspiring environment and amongst a heterogenic group of like-minded people. In a word: recommendable!“

Dr. Hans-Georg Stavginski
Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft communication officer

„The day went by so fast, but stayed in my mind long after - all of a sudden we see the world from the point of view of a storyteller and - even better- we have the necessary tools to create films from stories and to overlook the multiple publication channels, as well as productions costs.“

Petra Heidorn
Bankhaus DONNER & REUSCHEL marketing and communication

"Before it comes to the cinematic implementation of an idea, it must first be born. And this workshop has done it. We came up with little stories together. On this basis, the new films were created: Modern and stimulating. Anything but boring.”

J. Schmidt
AWO Info-Börse

Upcoming Brainstorm-Workshops

27.08.2019 „Videomarketing – Go viral!” 

22.10.2019 „Videomarketing – Go viral!”

Video marketing – Go viral!

Film is the future of content marketing. The world’s second biggest search engine is Youtube. On Facebook you create the most attention through video content. It is about time to get involved in video marketing.

With my workshop „Videomarketing – Go Viral!“ I will teach you creative and sustainable use of video, for communication in your company. You will learn to use your own creativity, to be independent from costly ideas of your agency.

You will see and get to know the potential of film. You will use inspiring creativity techniques in order to create expressive films. You will become a profiler and be able to analyse your target group. You will find out, on which social media platforms and with which topics & keywords to contact your customers.

What will you take home from this?

  • Creativity techniques: storytelling, mind mapping, Walt Disney method, innovation digging
  • Videomarketing Tools: Persona concept, YouTube SEO, agile Content development
  • Pool of ideas for Video Content & Video campaigns
  • Valuable tipps for your own video production
  • A complete briefing for external service providers
  • Authentic stories based on your company, from which an entire video marketing strategy can be developed.

Expenses: : € 500.- plus. VAT. This includes: documents for semiar, coffee, tea, water, pastries & fruit.

Next appointment: 07. September 2018 from 9 am to 5.30 pm in Loft Winterhude (Timmermannstraße 9, 22299 Hamburg).

I am looking forward to your application.


Idea generating

The basis of a good film, is a good idea. No matter how much money you spend – only with the good idea you will reach the right customers. Be inspired by my workshop and use your internal resources: your staff know everything about the product and they know best what the customer wants.

In our idea finding workshop, you will look for stories, which will make your product more give your customers a better understanding of your product. You will see things from the customer’s point of view and understand how you can get his attention.

Methods & contents

  • Inspiration through extraordinary and thematically suitable video campaigns.
  • Creativity techniques: storytelling, mind mapping, Walt Disney method in single- & teamwork
  • Goal of the workshops: Develop your own goose-bump creating stories
  • End-product based on the results of the seminar: A screenplay developed by the workshop instructor.



Interested in a personalised workshop?

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DIY video content

Film is the perfect way, to be noticed on social media. In an ideal case you update your timeline regularly with the latest films. Producing 12 professional films per year exceeds your budget? No problem. Your employees will be able to create authentic video content. The best part of that: For your staff it is a change from every day work and they will value their accomplishment.

In my workshop I will show your staff how they be a producer, using Google 2, Galaxy & Iphone. They will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, get an introduction to light- and camera technology will understand the value of the spoken word. In addition to this, the mobile post production will be addressed. The filmed material will be converted into a short video, using a smartphone or tablet.

Interested in a personalised workshop?

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With the in-house workshop „Mitarbeiterfilm“.  Are you planning an organisational decision or human resources development? Have you ever considered using video? In our workshop your employees will enter the world of cinematics. They will learn how to develop their own ideas and how to implement them with professional assistance. The process of finding ideas helps to change viewpoints and to see the company under a different light.

A film set, with all its different task areas, is the ideal scenario for long lasting team development. The post production helps to focus on the essentials, to narrow down the topic and to formulate a key message.

The best part of the workshop is the result, a internally developed film on a topic, which your employees care about. A film which will go viral, within the blink of an eye, in your intranet.

Interested in a customised workshop?

Im am looking forward to your application!



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