Media Training


You represent a company? Are you used to speaking in front of a large audience? Does being filmed change your attitude?

Does your self-confidence decrease when you venture into unknown territory? Then you feel like many of my interview partners. On the day of shooting it is too late for a sustainable preparation based on your strengths and weaknesses.
„To prevent is better than to cure!“ Be active and prepare in my media training, so that you are ready for what the future has to offer: “Action!“

In my two-hour One-on-One Coaching, we will focus on WHAT you say and HOW you say it. My goal is, that you tell a story and show your authentic self in front of a camera and not be someone you are not.

Method: „Learn it by doing“. Coaching on set & in post production. Starting off with an interview, in front of the camera: „What is the connection between your job-related vision and your personality?“ „Why do you love your job?“
After that we will focus on the editing. We will analyse your performance and discuss areas of development. To apply the new skills we will repeat the interview in front of the camera. You will grow accustomed to the situation, train how to present yourself the best and deliver short incisive sentences, with a clear message.

Interested in a customised video coaching?

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