I initiate the idea finding process and accompany you all along. I change view points, provide impulses, inspire and offer orientation. I open the door to your own creativity, motivate you to dream and formulate your Visions. You will learn how to tell a story that will capture the listener and stay in his mind.

The topics of my workshops extend from video marketing and generating ideas, through creating your own video content, to using film as a tool for staff- and team development. Furthermore, I draw on my experience from more than 300 film projects and 800 interviews and offer individual media training for managers and executives. My business languages are both German and English. All workshops take place on a regular basis as open events, and can also can be in-house seminars if desired.

Everyday life in the media world is dictated by time pressure and time management. It is a system in which the cycles of preparing, implementing and refining run simultaneously. It is moving from deadline to deadline, day by day, week by week. My passion is to achieve the balance between the creative flow and the target oriented structure of everyday life. My time management seminar „Zeitsurfer“ puts the reins in your hands and enables YOU to become the master of your time.

In 2002 I established the company “Blickwechsel“ where I continue to work as managing director, Producer and director.  My Passion is the search for personal visions, the finding process of stories and turning them into thrilling films.

The Blickwechsel portfolio includes a variety of company presentations, process related films for internal communication as well as features and documentaries.  Please visit my website to see my latest productions and director projects.
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